Brandi Rollins

Brandi Rollins


For me, Lila Yoga represents an interplay of sound and vibration. It is a context where I can cosmically play with textures and vibrations that arise as I choose to consciously participate in breathing, movement, and ultimately…living on (and off of) my mat.

Lila yoga is practical play and I as a teacher and student offer it to myself and others as such.


My Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching YOGA is very similar to how I practice YOGA. I am not interested in teaching people to “do” Yoga.

I am interested in teaching people to use movement and sound to focus their mind, feel their breath and movement, take of space in their existence, and TO PLAY.

In our culture, adults have forgot about the importance of play as a tool for learning and experiencing life. But as adults, we have the opportunity to experience play coupled with wisdom…we can choose to play and as a result…we can consciously choose step into our unique expression of Self.

Often my classes include live or recorded music (both local and international artists). I use music to help students connect to and play with the raw materials of his or her own unique internal sound, and to listen for and participate in the cosmic energy that surrounds them.

My classes are challenging, clear, and always meaningful.


I believe that each yoga class is a recipe…and every individual in the room participates in that creation. It’s yoga improv at its best!

In each class, I provide a space where students can experience YOGA as their own, rather than simply regurgitating a list of movement.

What can a new student expect in a class?

  • To feel internally nourished, to be challenged, and to leave the class stronger having CELEBRATED his or her living!
  • To be pushed to release more of what is not necessary, including the stress, worries, and expectations of daily life, and to allow more of his or her BEST SELF to shine through.

While this is what I offer, what any individual receives in a class will depend on their sincere interest in exploring and allowing creativity in their YOGA practice.


Real YOGA entered my life when I began practicing with Erica Kaufman at Lila Yoga Studios. At first, the movements and philosophy she offered simply felt right. It spoke to me in way that I could hear…but, at the time, couldn’t yet quite make out. Then at some point, when I was ready to receive more, I HEARD Erica’s message and wow! YOGA IS AMAZING!

While I don’t remember exactly what Erica said, this is how I experienced it:

YOGA is the yoking of the mind-body for the purpose of allowing greater manifestation of the greater ME! It’s a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who I really am.

From that moment on, I could see that how I practiced YOGA was a direct reflection of how I was choosing to practice LIFE – i.e., the degree to which I invited clarity, wideness, gratitude, and intelligence into the WHAT and HOW of my living. And as I released more of what was unnecessary (e.g. stress, unworthy thoughts), my practice became a process in which I began to experience and remember more of ME. The REAL ME.

Ironically, it was never my intention to teach YOGA. I undertook Erica’s Lila Yoga Teacher Training program to deepen my YOGA studies. But, over time, she showed me through her own teachings that TEACHING YOGA is a courageous, sincere, beautiful form of SERVICE. And now, several times a week, I have the opportunity of getting out of my own way and allowing an authentic and sincere teaching to take place.




Brandi is a Certified Lila Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) and Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. She continues to study YOGA under the guidance and teachings of Erica Kaufman, founder of Lila Yoga Studios. As part of Brandi’s interested in yoga philosophies and practices, Brandi traveled to India and studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in Chennai, India in 2012.

Brandi currently teaches Lila Yoga at Lila Yoga Studios.

Brandi is also author of the award-winning book, Raw Foods on a Budget, a comprehensive guide to affording a plant-based diet. She is author of Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan and co-author of the ebook, Raw Food in Real Families. She is creator of the Raw Foods on a Budget website (, where individuals can read budget-loving articles, download recipes, watch TV episodes, and participate in Bootcamps.

Brandi has her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State. She has a Masters of Science in Human Development for which she completed a thesis on the topic of the development of food preferences in childhood. Her dissertation examined how parent’s use of limit setting and controlling feeding practices influence children’s eating behaviors and weight outcomes. You can find out more about Brandi’s research and publications at

Brandi happily lives in State College, PA.

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