Stacy Moir

Stacy Moir



Stacy Moir began practicing yoga regularly in 2010 in an effort to find a place of deep relaxation and peace. As her practice unfolded Stacy’s understanding of the connection between her body, mind and soul deepened and her interest in yoga expanded.

Stacy embarked on a yoga teacher-training journey (LYTT200) with teacher Erica Kauffman in 2011-12. She embraced the yearlong journey of discovery with 6 friends. Part of her teacher training course included courses at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in Chennai, India in March of 2012.

With pranayama as her final project theme in LYTT200, Stacy has begun to offer Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques as a method of extending or controlling the vital life energy, prana) classes at Lila once monthly by donation.

Stacy continues to learn and practice under the guidance of her teacher, Erica.  She has learned that the yoga practice is highly individualized and appreciates and respects having a teacher that may help her understand her own needs.

Stacy is a level 200 registered Yoga Alliance teacher and teaches Lila Yoga in State College, PA.

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