Free Lila Yoga Thursdays

April 22nd, 2014 by Laura

Plus May 8th, 7:15pm FREE ALL LEVELS W/ BRANDI!

Lila Yoga - Yoga State College

Lila Nature Walks

April 10th, 2014 by Laura

Join yoginis Katy Barlow (botanist) and Holly Chittum (medicinal botanist) for Yoga in the Woods this spring and summer!

Mark your calendar:
May 3rd 1-4pm
May 17th 1-4pm (Shaver’s Creek – donation based)
More dates to come throughout the summer!  For more information email
Cost: $15

Watch the woods awaken and thrive as we mingle our energies with the rhythms of the natural world during a series of excursions to local sites. Join us for one event or all as we explore the Pennsylvania woods through the coming seasons and experience the multitude of transitions both minute and profound. As we walk, we will discuss the diverse ecosystem that surrounds us, focusing on new plants each outing. We will work to cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with these outer spaces and their inhabitants through discourse, asana, pranayama, reflection, and meditation. We look forward to spending time with you in the woods!


Spring meditation in anticipation of Lila Yoga Nature Walks:
Now is a great time to find a little place in your own backyard or in your neighborhood park to watch life begin to spring from the earth and immerse yourself in your environs. Take just a few minutes each day to visit this new sanctuary to be still, to breathe deep, and to observe the changes in the plant and insect life around you. Patience with early April will be rewarded with a new appreciation for the abundance of May. As you watch first hand the arrival of Spring allow for new openings to the abundant potential of love and beauty and creativity to arise in you! Please share with us your nature meditation sightings, and we look forward to having you join us for Lila Yoga in the Woods!

Lila Yoga - Yoga State College

April’s Theme: Moksha

April 10th, 2014 by Laura

Lila Yoga - Yoga State College

FREE Lila Yoga

April 7th, 2014 by Laura

Lila Yoga Studios is offering 16 FREE LILA YOGA CLASSES!!!

Each class is being taught by members of the LYTT (Lila Yoga Teacher Training) and current Lila Yoga teachers, and are being offered as a gift to the community. Enjoy! And tell your friends!

APRIL 11-13th classes were very successful! Thank you to the teachers and teacher trainers for their wonderful offerings!

APRIL 25-27th classes

All Levels Lila Yoga: This is an invigorating, meditative, moderately-paced class yoga practice that weaves together asana (i.e. physical practice) and pranayama (i.e. breath control) to build heat, and awaken mental focus and body-life energy. Rather than mimicking the shape of a posture, Lila Yoga focuses on clarifying the direction, intensity and qualities of energy pathways through the body. The class is open to beginners and experienced yoga students alike, and modifications will be given to suit your experience level. (Open to All – Beginners to Advanced)

Abdomen Strength and Hip Openers Lila Yoga:  (Intermediate to Advanced)

Arm Balancing Poses Lila Yoga: (Intermediate to Advanced)

Gentle and Relaxation Lila Yoga:  (Open to All – Beginners to Advanced)

Laughter Yoga and Lila Yoga: (Open to All – Beginners to Advanced)

Lila Yoga Sun Salutations: Comprised of a set yoga postures that build in intensity and vigor through repetition, this class is designed to invigorate, cleanse, awaken, and refine the physical body and invite ease and relaxation into the mind.  The first 30 minutes builds heat with 12 cycles of Lila Yoga Sun Salutations—every cycle building on the previous and increasing range throughout, and the final 30 minutes are devoted to passivity and tranquility. This class prepares the body/mind to sit for meditation (which is described below). (Open to All – Beginners to Advanced)

Meditation: A practice of stillness and compassion. (Open to All – Beginners to Advanced)

Lila Yoga - Yoga State College

Lila Yoga’s 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

March 3rd, 2014 by Laura

Save the Dates for the FREE Festivities!

March 21st, 2014

  • 6pm Free Movie Night: showing “Raga Unveiled”

March 28th, 2014

  • 4pm Free All Levels Asana, c0-taught by Josh, Brandi & Katy

  • 5pm Free Chanting, with Erica, Brandon & Allison

  • 6pm Free Pranayama/Meditation, with Jeremy & Erica

April 4th, 2014

  • 4pm Free Chanting, with Mark, Brandon & Erica

  • 5pm-7pm Free Contact Improv workshop with Erica (pre-registration required)

  • 7pm Vegetarian Potluck and Dance Party, featuring Anna’s photography

Plus more free classes in April taught by our amazing Lila Yoga Teacher Trainers, Days/Times TBD.

Come to one event, come to all the events!  If you stay for multiple free classes we recommend you bring a light snack (like fruit).  Tell your friends, or better yet, bring your friends!

As always, Donations ($5-$5000) are gratefully accepted  :-)




Lila Yoga - Yoga State College